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Founded in 1975
Moroni High School, Tarawa, Kiribati Moroni High School is a private Church (The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints) sponsored co-educational secondary school (Forms 1-7), offering facilities for boarding and day students with a capacity of approximately 500 students. Once known as AKAS (Ataria Kokoi Auriaria School) 1972, Waitea Abiuta a principal wrote to Schools around the Pacific and the World for assistance so students can further their Education. One of those letters reached Liahona High School in Tonga. After careful consideration, 12 students were selected to attend Liahona starting in 1973. Since then the Church was introduce on the Island and AKAS became the center of Church Activities in Kiribati. Later the Church purchase the School and name it Moroni Community School, later was moved from the elementary sector to Secondary and became Moroni High School. Current Principal: Lita K Iabeta Vice Principal: Banririe Enrolment: 476 Students Moroni High School PO Box 278 Bikenibeu Tarawa Republic of Kiribati (Central Pacific) Telephone: (686)28075 Fax: (686)28073 email: